Coronavirus and Mountain Biking.

social distancing and self isolating

With the whole world in a spin about coronavirus, it is worth musing for a few minutes on the impact on mountain biking and mountain bikers. Nothing revolutionary here, but perhaps some points to ponder. In no way are we trying to trivialise the seriousness of this crisis. Many of...

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Mountain Bike 1 Assessments: Passes and Deferments

The following is from the NZOIA Quarterly magazine. Interested in becoming a mountain bike coach? Keep reading! NZOIA has delivered three Mountain Bike 1 assessments since the initial Assessor selection in Rotorua. As with any new qualification, a huge amount of work and through has gone into getting the expectations...

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Winter Riding: Welcome to the Dark Side

Welcome to the Dark Side These frosty mornings mean that it’s winter is Nelson. For many people, this means mountain biking takes a back seat. Why? We hear excuses such as, “It’s too cold”, “It’s too wet”, or “It gets dark too early”.  In Nelson, we are lucky to have...

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