Custom Build Gallery

Gravity Nelson is excited to continue rolling out its custom bike builds program.  In the links below we will share builds we have done over the years, and provide background to our philosophy about custom bike builds. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your dream custom bike build.

Philosophy 1: Custom bike builds need not be too much more expensive than off-the-shelf stock bikes.  Careful and clever part selection should result in an awesome bike at a reasonable cost, not break the bank.

Philosophy 2: Custom bike builds should be focused on building the optimal bike for a given rider, their abilities, and the trails they ride, something stock builds can’t achieve.

Check out the build process is some of these archived write ups:

https://gravitynelson.co.nz/bikes-sales/custom-builds/evil-faction-2-dirt-jump-bike-custom-build/(opens in a new tab)

https://gravitynelson.co.nz/bikes-sales/custom-builds/santa-cruz-hightower-2-custom-build/(opens in a new tab)

JB’s Custom Hightower LT CC

https://gravitynelson.co.nz/bikes-sales/custom-builds/evil-following-mb-custom-build/(opens in a new tab)







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