Guided or Coached Wairoa Gorge Mountain Bike Trips with Gravity.

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Thanks to the awesome folks at the Nelson Mountain Bike Club, Gravity Nelson Ltd has been given the GREEN LIGHT to offer Guided and Coached Wairoa Gorge mountain biking services to NMTBC members at the Wairoa Gorge! 

We can offer these services in two formats:

  1. On a standard club operational day our guide/coach can accompany you and your group on the club shuttle vehicle.
  2. On a day the club does not operate we can provide a private gravity shuttle and the guide/coach.

This is the perfect opportunity for riders to:

  1. Go to the Wairoa Gorge for the first time in a supportive environment with a Guide/Coach able to help you choose the best trails for your abilities and trail conditions, and to coach you through more difficult features. Plus session specific features to improve your skills in a progressive manner.
  2. Go to the Wairoa Gorge to get REVENGE, perhaps your last trip to the Gorge didn’t go so well, and you want to go back and conquer some trail features that intimidated you previously, Gravity’s awesome Guides and Coaches can help you master trails and show the Wairoa Gorge who is boss.
  3. Go to the Wairoa Gorge to advance your riding, the Gorge provides such a wide range of trails that we are able to set up custom coaching sessions for riders to develop their overall skills… this is especially true for Intermediate or Advanced riders who feel stuck in a rut.
  4. Go to the Wairoa Gorge with some mates and manage more effectively the timing of your runs to maximise the fun without getting overly tired, mixing in carefully curated half and full runs to best use your time.
  5. Eliminate the time pressure of the “bus time-table” style of the shuttles at the Wairoa Gorge by utilising the Gravity Shuttle with a coach to have the shuttle wait for your whole group, and not have to sprint at break neck speeds to avoid missing the bus!

Gravity Nelson will be offering the following Unique Features on a standard club day at the Gorge:

– Economic transport Ex-Nelson (if wanted), $20 a person, minimum of $50.
– Some Snacks and drinks provided
– Coaches/Guides ride with you and your group
– Helpful advice and coaching on trickier bits
– Trail recommendations for conditions and riding levels
– One to Five supervision ratio
– Guidance on mixing half and full runs
– Premium full-suspension rentals available
– Mechanical and First-aid assistance if required
– Friendly passionate staff
– free pre-gorge day bike revision and setup
– additional private guides/coaches available for an additional charge

Contact us to make arrangements, we will need to plan sufficiently in advance to be able to book your full group and the guide/coach into the Wairoa Gorge.



Smiles for miles at the Wairoa Gorge
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