Upcoming Scheduled Mountain Bike Shuttle Fun


Riders can directly book private mountain bike shuttles, for this you need a to pay for a  minimum of four riders doing a minimum of 3 uplifts, click on the BOOK NOW button on this page and choose PRIVATE SHUTTLES for more information.

Alternatively riders can join “Casual Shuttle Days”  simply by turning up at the meeting time at the meeting point detailed in the calander below.  “Ride-along Seats” can also be booked on spare seats on private shuttles to head where the group that originally booked the shuttle wants to go.  Our calendar of upcoming shuttles will be updated regularly so check back frequently. If you are would like more information or to book a shuttle, please email; info@gravity.nelson.co.nz or call us on 03-545-8484



Every Wednesday Afternoon up Fringed Hill (with optional drop off at Firball Skid)

and most Saturday/Sunday split between Fringed Hill, Sharlands Forest, or Silvan Mountain Bike Park.

Fringed Hill provides access to Te Ara Koa, Fringed DH, Butters, or venture across Black Diamond ridge to access Whaimana, 629, Cranknstein, or Peaking Ridge, all GRADE FIVE and SIX trails.  If you are looking for something easier than that, then jump on the shuttle for a FIRBALL SKID drop off for $15 or half a click on the ten trip pass.  From Firball skid you can access a wide variety of GRADE FOUR flow trails and some easier GRADE FIVE trails.

We meet every Wednesday during summer usually at 4:30,5:30&&6:30pm for uplifts, and every weekend we try to do a casual shuttle day or two. It could be Saturday or Sunday, or often both! It depends on the availability of the shuttle, and our drivers.  In the weekend we do uplifts at 10am, 11am, and 12am, with a possible 2pm,3pm&4pm uplifts slot as well.

NEW FOR WINTER 2023: The first FOUR seats on each run are now available to book online!  Coming from out of town? or only have time for one run, then book one of those seats to guarantee a seat.  The Live Calendar of availability will show you TOTAL number of seats available, BOOKABLE seats available, and you can calculate REMAINING CASUAL SEATS.  This Calendar will also confirm for you if runs have been CANCELLED due to rain, or if we have added extra runs at other times.

You can pay with cash, eftpos, or stamp your 10 run pass. Fringed Hill uplifts price is $25 per run, or you can buy a 10 run pass for $200 and save $5 per run!  Firball Skid uplifts are $15 each or half a click on the 10 run pass.

Does this all sound a bit fluid? That’s because it it,

Keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram pages for updates or email us on info@gravitynelson.co.nz with the subject SUBSCRIBE to TXT update with your cel number and we will text you the schedule every week.

Confirmed Bookings with “Ride-along” Seats available:

CALL the shop for availability

Please note that  “Casual Shuttle Days” and  “Ride-along Seats” can both use our 10-trip shuttle cards, these can be purchased in the shop or from the shuttle driver.  However private shuttle bookings cannot use the shuttle cards.

Gravity Nelson Mountain Bike Shuttle Vehicles and Drivers

Gravity Nelson Mountain Bike Shuttle Vehicles and Drivers

Are you interested in becoming a part-time mountain bike shuttle driver? Gravity Nelson is currently looking for individuals who would like to get trained up as part-time contract mountain bike shuttle drivers.  Email us on info@gravitynelson.co.nz if you are interested in learning more.

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