July 2023 School Holidays and Term Three Gravity Coaching Programs

Gravity Day Care at the Field of Dreams,

Featuring the Gravity Airbag Experience and coach Alex or Alistair, 10am-4pm, get in touch for a discount code if you have already attended 3 or more Gravity Day Care sessions:

If you are unsure what a “Gravity Day Care” session involves check out one of the following videos:

Gravity Enduro Training Days: 

Wednesday 5th of July (postponement date Friday 7th) https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/gravitynelson/items/316009/availability/1214296820/book/?full-items=yes

Wednesday 12th of July (postponement date Friday 14th)https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/gravitynelson/items/316009/availability/1214296823/book/?full-items=yes

Not sure what an Enduro Training day involves?  One lift up the hill at the start of the day with a coach, sessioning sections of the track through until lunch-time, and then several shuttled runs down Te Ara Koa in the afternoon, perhaps being filmed by the coach, check out a previous camp on FDH here: https://youtu.be/ouOkwP8CMcM

Kids racing bikes is awesome

TERM THREE After School Program Place holder booking: 

More information here: https://gravitynelson.co.nz/mtb-coaching/after-school-coaching-programs/

Booking Link to placeholder for Term Three: https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/gravitynelson/items/162170/availability/1214296828/book/?full-items=yes

NOTE, TERM TWO AND THREE require good quality night lights for WEEKDAY coaching slots as it will be dark many afternoons and evenings, especially under the trees.  We will be announcing a pre-order deal on new glo-worm lights early next week for those who need new lights or to replace broken lights.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE NIGHT LIGHTS then we will need to register you for a WEEKEND SLOT.  As usual, please note preferred WEEK-DAY or WEEKEND slots in your booking sheet and we will form groups during the school holidays.  THE DATE IN THE BOOKING ENGINE IS JUST A PLACEHOLDER and lessons will start in the second week of Term two.
Do you want more details on the Gravity After School and Weekend coaching program? check them out here: https://gravitynelson.co.nz/mtb-coaching/after-school-coaching-programs/


Team Gravity Nelson