UPGRADE Yourself

In life, and especially in sport, there are many opportunities to upgrade yourself.

What do we mean by this?

Basically, anything that helps your grow, learn, or improve yourself.

Within the vast realms of mountain biking, there are endless avenues you can choose to upgrade yourself.

Here are the Top 3 to start with:

#1: Get a coaching lesson

Riding a bike is a skill we all learn how to do at an early age. Everyone can ride a bike, but once on gravel, dirt and single track, many more aspects come into place. As the terrain changes, your riding also needs to change. You need to learn how to ride the bike, instead of having the bike ride you and toss you left, right and center. After a mountain bike coaching session, you will realize things you’ve never thought about on a bike before, and look at riding in a whole new light. Learning skills such as correct body position, how to corner and how to pump are vital primary skills to learn on your way to becoming a fully pinned shredder.


#2: Bike Choice and Set-up

Riding on a bike that fits your riding style, preference and body shape/size is a must. Wether it’s a light hardtail XC bike, or a sturdy long-travel DH bike, chose what’s going to work best for you.

There are so many aspects that can help make your ride more comfortable, not to mention safer for you.

Tyres are one of the biggest changes you can make on your bike. The right tyres to suit your most-ridden trail conditions and riding style makes your ride heaven. Remember that your tyres are your only contact with the ground, so you want there to be proper traction for your ride.

There’s many more upgrades you can make in terms of your bike set-up – if you’re wondering where to start, come on down to the Gravity Container for a chat and we can help you out.


#3: Kit (Be prepared)

Dress for the riding you will be doing, and dress for the weather conditions.

Most outdoorsy people know to avoid cotton in the cold at all costs. Cotton when wet, gets cold. Instead, go for merino wool, polyester, fleece; basically anything that isn’t cotton.

Bike shorts are heaven for longer rides; it feels like you’re wearing a diaper or like you have a turd in your pants, but the comfort you get on your tooshie is worth the slight humiliation.

Arm and leg warmers are epic for long XC rides as well; easy to slip on and off to keep you warm, but not sweaty. Gloves and socks make a huge difference in your ride, and can sometimes be the difference between warm digits, and numb digits.

If you’re into more DH riding, think about investing in some thicker and more durable fabric shorts to save your skin if you end up coming off your bike (which you probably will). Some good knee and elbow pads are a must as well.

Some things we recommend to throw in your riding pack or on your bike are a multi-tool, a spare tube, tyre levers, a pump, water, snacks and some first aid supplies. Better to have and not need, then to need and not have.

In conclusion, getting a coaching session will get your skills on a bike dialled, being on the right bike for your body and riding style will make for a more comfortable and safer ride, and having the right kit and gear will keep you smiling through the potential rain, hunger and mechanicals.

See you on the trails.