So, what is Gravity Nelson?

John and I set up Gravity Nelson in Nelson’s town centre (at 53 Bridge Street) to provide a hub for mountain bikers to get what they need to make the most of the fantastic riding in the top of the south. In my last 6 months of riding around Nelson I was constantly struck by how difficult it was to “crack the code” of all the great mountain bike riding here. The number and variety of trails and mountain biking areas is simply overwhelming for many people, especially as signage is often poor or non-existent, maps are often out of date, or maps don’t include clear notes on how to link trails to form logical loops. Time and time again I met people who had heard how great the riding was in Nelson but were stumped as to how to make the most of it, and many times left disappointed, never to return.

Our objective is reflected in our logo: we aim to position ourselves as the first port of call at the centre of all the mountain biking spots in the top of the south (the sun in the centre of our logo), and provide everything needed to support people in linking the riding together (the chain in the logo) within the different riding hubs (the circles), we will further support the riding hubs by encouraging riders to join the Nelson Mountain Bike Club and donate to trail builders in other hubs as well as through our own trail maintenance efforts and our 1% for the trails financial contribution, thus making the hubs themselves, and the region as a whole, stronger as a mountain biking destination (the chains again).

Gravity Nelson Provides high-end rental Santa Cruz mountain bikes, full mechanic services, custom bike builds, biking supplies and tools, FREE advice on the best trails to ride around town, coordinating bookings for shuttles, guides and coaches. We also have biking supplies and organise regular trail maintenance and group bike rides. Pop by to have a chat!