Gravity Nelson Launch Day


Officially the first day of New Zealand summer, an unintentional coincidence, is day numero uno for Gravity Nelson. We got the ball rolling by opening with 4 rental Santa Cruz Bronsons in the Pocket Park on Bridge Street, Nelson. With a handful of Clif Bars, a mobile workshop that packs in to a trailer and a selection of protective gear to help stop Nelson taking its pound of flesh.


The four lads, Alistair, Ben, Celyn and myself very quickly learnt of a few critical things that slipped our minds. But adopting a ‘fail fast’ strategy means we are quick to change the things that don’t work. The most obvious one was how much money we would haemorrhage on coffee, hence the brisk and unanimous decision to invest in a coffee machine.


Our first customer was visiting from California and was stoked to be able to ride a Bronson, seeing as he owned one back home. Thankfully, all parties involved had fair weather and a great day was had.


After a celebratory beer at the Sprig, we all got some rest for the exciting and unpredictable weeks to come!


Cheers and ride on!