Wairoa Gorge Mountain Bike Park FREE TRAIL ADVICE

Gravity Nelson is excited to announce that we have been approved by the Nelson Mountain Bike Club as the official “go-to” place for getting advice about the trail network at the Wairoa Gorge Mountain Bike Park.   Gravity Nelson is also able to assist mountain bike riders to book themselves into the Gorge.  Previously off limits to mere mortals this Bike Park has been leased to the Nelson Mountain Bike Club and mountain bike riders can now sign-up for shuttle days via the Club website or in person at our shop.  Riders can join public shuttles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or arrange private group shuttles on other days of the week.

The rumors are true and the trails at Wairoa Gorge are otherworldly and divine! Ranging from solid Grade 3 up to intimidating Grade 5 (or harder in the wet), the trails are not for beginners, HOWEVER all solid Intermediate or above riders can find enough trails for their level to have a life-changing day of riding (more information about “who can ride the Gorge” here: https://gravitynelson.co.nz/demystifying-riding-the-wairoa-mountain-bike-park/).  Straying onto the wrong trails might quickly become intimidating as there are many solid Black or Grade 5 trails in the Park.

There are a couple of secrets to making the most of the riding at the Gorge:

Secret number one is simple, PLAN IN ADVANCE which trails to ride, due to the overwhelming number and variety of trails, and Occupational Safety and Health rules and regulations the shuttle drivers at the gorge cannot provide any advice at all about which trails to ride. NADA, zip, nothing! don’t take it the wrong way, the drivers aren’t trying to be unhelpful, and as crazy as it sounds the rules are such that them giving you NO ADVICE AT ALL about which trails to ride is apparently legally preferable to them giving you advice in good faith!

However, Gravity Nelson can give you trail advice, FREE, good faith advice.  We have a massive map of the trail network, and we can run you through great trails to warm-up on, and then how to pick other trails to ride during the day, all depending on weather conditions and your riding ability.  All of our staff have ridden  at the Gorge, and we have expert advice on how to make the most of your time riding there.

Secret number two is even simpler, DON’T TAKE A KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT… the trails at the Gorge are rowdy, and taking a xc weapon to them will see you having your butt handed to you on a plate. We recommend a minimum of a 5″ or 6″ travel trail bike, running in good condition, and with durable tires. The last thing you want is to start riding and then have a mechanical or a bunch of flat tires cutting into the number of shuttle runs you can do in the day!  Pop in to visit us if your bike needs a tweak or fluff, if you think you need to upgrade to better tires, or if you think your bike might not be up for the day and want to rent a pimping Santa Cruz Bronson to tear up the trails.

Secret number three is not a secret! READ THE DETAILS on the Nelson Mountain Bike Club, and read them carefully! Some of the terms and conditions are non-negotiable, for example if you turn up at the gorge without knee pads… you won’t be allowed to ride. Simple as that.  Also note that the shuttle price does not include transport to the Gorge, if you have flown in from out of town and don’t have a vehicle that can get you to the gorge then you are going to need to organize something quick smart and in a hurry. Gravity Nelson has Transfer Service options to get you to and from the Gorge at a reasonable price.

Secret number four, the Gorge has an option for STAYING OVERNIGHT! The club has a great lodge at the bottom of the Bike Park that can be booked by groups. While the minimum price for booking the lodge through the club is based on a group of 8 or more people, and does not include food or drinks, it is a fantastic option for those planning on doing two back to back days of Gorge shuttles.  Gravity Nelson offers an “Accessible” package for individuals (to join together into a group of 6+ people) or for groups (6+ people), which includes: transfers to and from the Gorge, lunch/dinner/breakfast/lunch, an onsite mechanic/cook, plus upgrades and add-ons such as Airport pick up, rental Santa Cruz Bronson’s, kegerator hire, and much more.  More details here: https://gravitynelson.co.nz/bangers-and-mash-gorge-package/

So, make the most of your shuttle day at the incredible Wairoa Gorge Mountain Bike Park by firing us an email, popping in to see us, or flicking us a message via Facebook for more details.