Join the Nelson Mtb club (1 year)

The Nelson Mountain Bike Club is a volunteer-driven organisation that works to improve mountain biking in Nelson, New Zealand, and surrounding areas.

Set up over 20 years ago they have a membership of over 1800, of all ages and abilities, and are active in all disciplines of mountain biking.

They have fun riding our bikes, they build and maintain a fantastic network of trails, they organise a wide range of events throughout the year and they advocate for Nelson’s mountain bikers.  Joining the club gives you access to the ride areas closest to Nelson city and it is a requirement that you have a membership to ride in those areas. This  Hancock forest permit – which enables you to legally ride a wide range of quality NMTBC built trails in Hancock’s forests. This includes all of the trails in the Hira/Sharland’s trail network and Turners, IV Line, Top Dog, Lollipop and various other trails on Hancock land in the Codgers MTB Park.There are also many other benefits of joining the club.   95% of all membership money goes back into building and maintaining trails”

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