Gravity Nelson Directors

These are the rock-stars that started up Gravity Nelson and built it into the amazing company it is today. These guys are always down for a good yarn, a hearty laugh and of course, ready to shred anything and everything.



Alistair “El Jefe” Matthew: Chief facial hair officer and craft beer connoisseur.

Mountain Biking in New Zealand and around the world for more than 27 years, founder of on Bolivia’s infamous “Death Road”, 20+ years of guiding and coaching mountain biking.



John “Baby Face” Butler: John has guided, coached, built trail, ridden and raced around the world including Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Whistler, and New Zealand for far more¬†years than his baby face suggests. His passion is bikes, and so it only made sense to bring it to the heart of New Zealand’s mountain bike paradise.¬†