Conquer the Coppermine 2020

Update 15th of March 2020.  As you are probably aware we have had to postpone the 2020 Coppermine race because of COVID-19, we are hoping that November might work, but we can’t really confirm yet.   Please keep in touch, Like the Coppermine Facebook page, and check back here, we will keep you updated with all the latest developments. Below is the original race information:

Choose the 28th of March 2020 from the calendar below to enter the 2020 Coppermine race!

The booking form will request your details including email address so you can receive event updates and verify your entry at registration.  Let us know the Category you want to participate in by selecting from the drop down menu. If you entering one of the team categories you only need to register once for the whole team, we will get in touch for more details on exactly who is in your team.

The entrance price includes timing, search and rescue support, a rad goodie pack and a t shirt at registration, food and a drink after the event, plus lots of prizes to be won from our amazing sponsors with including a guided Heli drop for you and some friends as TOP PRIZE for 2020!

Wear the official race t-shirt or dress up and be in to win best costume at the end of the day!

Bring family and friends along, as we will have a great Event Village with Food Carts, Music, Games for the little ones to keep everyone entertained while the racers are out on the track.

Have any questions? Something not working or unclear? Flick us an Email to info@coppermine.co.nz

For more info visit www.coppermine.co.nz or check out our www.Facebook.com/Thecoppermine and www.Instagram.com/thecoppermine.

For more information contact us

Please feel free to drop in to Gravity Nelson with any of your questions, for directions to the trail, guided orientation rides around the Coppermine, or your nutrition and maintenance needs before the race.

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