Mountain Bike Rentals

Gravity Nelson’s rental bike fleet is mostly Santa Cruz Nomad, Bronson and High Tower mountain bikes plus two Evil mountain bikes, an Insurgent and an Offering, plus a Transition Patrol. We also have e-mountain bikes including three Mondrakers and one 2020 Santa Cruz Heckler. These are the finest rental bikes available in Nelson!

Different sizes are available with brakes and suspension set up to your preference and riding style.

All our bikes are not only specifically set up for Nelson’s great trails, but they are also “Gorge Ready”, so if your own bike isn’t quite up to smashing out a day at the Wairoa Gorge, contact us and beat up one of our bikes instead!

Fantastic full-suspension MTB Rentals:

  • Santa Cruz Bronson/Nomad or Evil Insurgent or Offering or Transition Patrol : Half-day $89 / Full-day $159
  • Mondraker (HERE for more details) Electric Mountain Bikes: Half-day $139 / Full day $199
  • 2020 Santa Cruz Heckler e-mountain bike: Half-day $199 / Full day $259

All bike rentals are specifically set up for you and the Nelson trails, and include free helmet and Knee protection on request.

You can find us at 140 Bridge St, Nelson 7010.

Alternatively, you can contact us via:

Phone: 027 766-6032

”Get the dirt on mountain bike riding around Nelson”

Brits Callum and his buddy David took out one of our Santa Cruz Bronson’s and smashed out this great little video

Ride on!

Gravity abides: Gravity donates 1% of all sales to the trails

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